Sunday, September 1, 2013

Roll back the Sequester! Break the "Golden Handcuffs" and speak out!

Re: Head Start cuts will devastate kids
By Dianne Williamson

Thanks for your column, Dianne.  Spot on.

These heartless Sequesters - automatic across-the-board cuts to the Federal budget - will hit and hurt almost everyone at one point or another.  Schools, highways, police and fire protection, local, state or Federal, almost everything will take one trim after another.  For some, the poor and people in trouble - it will be devastating.  For the rest of us, it's death by 1000 cuts.

The Sequester was passed by Congress to "force itself" to reach a compromise around deficit reduction.

Read: force itself to cut and/or privatize Social Security and Medicare, two of the most sound and successful - and popular - programs the Federal Government has.

The Big Money boys dream of being able to get ahold of those funds and milk them.  As the rest of the economy continues to sink into a tired puddle, thanks in part to idiocies like the Sequester, their hunger for any remaining streams of revenue they can capture becomes ever more urgent.

Everyone who is being or knows they will be hit by the Sequester needs to get together in one big "De-sequestration" movement, demanding NO MORE CUTS!  ROLL IT BACK!

That's probably everyone who is reading this comment, if you really stop and take count of everything you rely on or are counting on government for.

The people who have the clearest up-close view of what these cuts are doing are the "social service providers" who work in the many public, semi-public and grant-funded agencies and programs providing vital services.  They need to speak out!

It's time for you to challenge the rules that bar you from participating in politics, the "golden handcuffs" that keep you silent.  Time to stop watching helplessly as our civil society collapses around us.  Because what is happening is so very wrong, and laws that keep you from speaking out about it are so wrong!

You - the social service providers, including directors and administrators - need to be leading this De-Sequestration movement!  If enough of you speak out together, the laws will bend!

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