Monday, September 9, 2013

Lynch Mob: Someone has to pay!

There's been a terrible crime and it feels like someone has to pay. The leader of the mob points a finger at an unpopular figure with a bad rep, yells "he did it, get him! Now!" No waiting for the investigation, no trial - because he might get off! The mob gets worked up, drunk on likker and wild talk. They march out by torch light, seize the accused and hang him. 

Maybe the lynch mob gets the one who did the crime, and maybe not. Maybe death was appropriate, maybe not. Maybe the justice system would have failed, maybe not. But the rule of law dies on that day. 

And maybe the guilty party is the one leading the mob. Or maybe not. 

How would our following the call to demand War on Syria be different from joining that lynch mob - apart from little details like it would cost tens of thousands of (mostly Syrian) lives and tens of billions of dollars, would probably escalate, could end up costing trillions and killing hundreds of thousands or millions like Iraq and Afghanistan, and could spin out of control and set off World War III? 

The case against Assad is paper thin, the public evidence points to the "rebels", yet Obama has rejected a UN investigation. The case for this being an appropriate response makes no sense. The risks are huge, and the stakes for the American people are unclear. 

And intervening in a civil war on the side of Al Qaida-linked terrorists is staggeringly, breathtakingly wrong. 

But we are being told to surrender our reason, to forget all the bitter experience of the past fifty years. Something terrible has happened and *someone* has to pay for it! Obama, Kerry and Co. say Assad did it, they have secret evidence they can't show us, just trust them! And we're supposed to follow them blindly into this new quagmire of blood? 

Been there. Done that. Too many times. The American people have learned our lesson and are sending a loud clear NO! 

Now we need a clear simple "NO" from Senators Warren and Markey.  They need to hear from us, even if we've already contacted them.  Call them again!  And Spread the word!

And Congressman McGovern, who we can be sure is taking a lot of heat for his brave and early stand against this war, needs to hear from us a loud "thank you! Hold steady, we're with you!"
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