Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Democrats: Time to Stand Up to Obama! No War on Syria!

I'm glad to see Warren and McGovern putting up resistance to a US attack on Syria, but I cringe to see them conceding - with no good evidence, against all reason and logic, and ignoring the evidence that the "rebels" were responsible for the gas attack in April - that the Assad regime was responsible for those poison gas attacks and needs to be held accountable.

I guess they just don't dare call out President Obama.

We have a week to stop the Obama Administration  from making an awful mistake with disastrous consequences, for Syria, the Middle East and perhaps the US and the world, a mistake that will probably cost the lives of thousands of American servicemen and women before the smoke clears, and that is opposed by a broad majority of the American people.

We need to speak plainly.  President Obama and Senator Kerry are lying to us. They intend to plunge us into a new war of aggression, based on their lies. This is no different from what the Bush Administration did in Iraq.

The members of President Obama's Party need to say so.  They need to stand up to him and tell him loud and clear that he's run out of free passes.  

We, the American people, Independent, Republican and Democrat, Black brown and white, young and old, native born and immigrant, prosperous and poor, have repeatedly said "no" to the pollsters.

Now we have a week  to come together and send Obama a a mighty shout of "NO!!!" that he can't ignore!
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