Friday, September 6, 2013

Nuke threat from Sen Lindsay Graham: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Our ruling cabal feels exposed, trapped and desperate around the overwhelming rejection of its Syria policies by the American people and the people of the world.  Their economic power is collapsing, their credibility is just about shot and their political base is crumbling.  By the rules of the game as it's being played, they're just a few moves away from being checkmated.

They can be counted on to try changing the rules.

So we have to take seriously this alarming report, about missing nuclear weapons headed for South Carolina and a warning (or rather a threat) from Senator Lindsay Graham that if Congress doesn't vote to support war on Syria, "terrorists" will nuke Charlston Harbor:

I'm watching to see if any other sources that I already trust pick this up and show that they give it some credence.  I'm really hoping it's a false alarm; but if we have to take it seriously it should get spread around fast!

It's hard to see how our government could come up with a story that makes any sense about a Syrian or Iranian nuke going off in Charlston Harbor.  However a nuclear explosion with mass casualties would create so much fear, panic and confusion that the government would have a free hand to do what they wanted, whether people believed their story about it or not.

If this report is correct, it's encouraging that there's already been at least one whistle-blower in the chain of events.  Widespread repeating of this alert, more whistle-blowing and refusals of those involved to obey orders could yet stop it.

If on the other hand Congress ignores the overwhelming demand of the people to vote against this War on Syria and votes for it, this nuke threat could be the reason why.  And we could perhaps forgive them, because they would be buying us more time.

If this threat is what gets their vote though, that fact will leak out plenty fast and soon everyone will know.
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