Friday, September 6, 2013

Amazing moment! The people have rejected the war!

The big story that the T&G missed:

The people of a major world power (us) have rejected a war and resisted all attempts to work up a war fever!

#  Calls to Congress are running almost unanimous against Syria war!

#  Obama's not close to getting his vote in the House or even the Senate!

"According to CNN, there are 18 "no" votes in the Senate and 24 "yes." Fifty-eight senators -- almost the same number of votes needed to overcome any filibuster -- remain undecided."

"According to CNN's count, 109 members plan to vote "no," while 23 -- including a number of high profile Republicans -- plan to back it.

"More than 280 representatives remain undecided."

But Obama and the Brass are clearly planning on their war anyway.  Evacuating US citizens from Lebanon is one signal - and Obama's said he doesn't need Congress.

Do they just go to war anyway?  That will sure blow up in their faces!

Or are they counting on another major atrocity to get our blood boiling and get us all baying for revenge?

And suppose they do that, and shout "Assad did it!  We have proof!"  and no one believes them?  What do they do then?

Suppose their henchmen refuse orders or blow the whistle on them?

What do we do then?  And what don't we do?

This is an amazing moment in history.  I don't know what to compare it to.
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