Sunday, February 28, 2016

Looking through our rose-colored rear-view mirrors Bill Clinton’s years in the White House can look good, yet his policies helped pave the way to the depression we find ourselves in today. He is a leader of the "Moderate Democrats" (or more properly "Corporate Democrats") - fueled by corporate cash - who led the Party away from its New Deal and working-class roots 
Bill greased the way for NAFTA and GATT, the first of the terrible trade pacts that enabled shipping our industry overseas to low wage countries. He oversaw tax cuts for the rich and the "welfare reform" that helped double the rate of extreme poverty. His repeal of the Glass Steagall Act set the stage for the mortgage loan conspiracy that crashed the world economy. 

For why Glass Steagall matters, see 

Now Bill's coming to Worcester to promote his wife, the former "Goldwater Girl" whose debut in national politics was famously botching the Health Care Reform he’d promised us. Anyone remember how she negotiated a fabulously complicated deal with the insurance and drug companies, pushing aside anything that smacked of Medicare for All? Or how they then stabbed her in the back with a huge ad blitz and massive last-minute lobbying? Remember "Harry and Louise"?  

Yet for over 20 years Hillary has continued taking their money. 

Thankfully, the American people are basically done with her kind of politics. I am disheartened however that so many of our Democratic officeholders continue to support her and to suggest that Good Democrats have a duty to follow her over the cliff. I shudder to think we could end up with a choice between her and Trump in November.