Wednesday, September 11, 2013

McGovern's power

Posted the morning after Assad's acceptance of the Russian proposal to take control of and remove Syria's chemical weapons, and Obama's speech demanding that this be coupled with what amounts to the right to attack Syria anyway:

What an astonishing few weeks! The march to war and disaster seemed unstoppable, inexorable, the war propaganda seemed irresistible. This rejection of a war, first by Parliament and now by Congress, is unprecedented, amazing! Someone said it's the first time Parliament has voted against starting a war since 1795. I can't remember Congress doing anything like this, ever! 

Obama & Co. still want their war, and are maneuvering to get it anyway. They're still armed and dangerous, and still have the bully pulpit. And Congress is still vulnerable - not one Democrat in Congress, and only a few Republicans, have publicly challenged their lies. But so far they're holding fast, the anti-war consensus even growing stronger. 

It's the American people, the British people, the people of Germany and France, the people of the world who forced this retreat on Obama & Co., and are holding them to it. 

We can be proud of our own Congressman, Jim McGovern. He will be the first to say he still needs the pressure kept on him, the voice of the people in his ear. He really needs that. But that being said, he deserves - and needs - our cheers! He's been doing a masterful job of organizing Congress, to shape our demand for no new wars into a winning combination that Obama & Co. can't ignore. 

Like any great legislator, he's channeling our power, speaking with our voice. And drawing his courage from us. Way to go Jim! 

Thank you Ed Markey for listening and coming around. Lizzie? Yoo hoo! We need you too! 

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