Friday, July 26, 2013

Snowden: What are they so scared of?

Something has Obama and the cabal that he's fronting for powerfully spooked by Edward Snowden's actions.
The campaign to capture and make an example of Snowden has led to an unprecedented demonstration of the sheer raw power of the US over nearly every country on Earth, even including China and Russia.  This campaign has not been cost-free. For example, the leaders of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal have been exposed as Washington's flunkeys in the eyes of their own people.  Thus the US response must have been strongly motivated.
Now they're moving to sanctions against any country that doesn't cooperate in capturing and rendering Snowden.
This is way out of proportion to Snowden's revelations about the NSA so far, much of which was already known or suspected. This US reaction looks like a fear reaction, even a survival response of a cornered beast.
So what are they so afraid of? Something more Snowden hasn't shared? Or something someone else must be deterred from sharing? If so, it must be some secret so catastrophic it could torpedo their empire. But what could that be?
Maybe it's just about Snowden revealing more names, more details about how, that will cause uproars in more countries like what happened in Brazil and Germany.  But maybe it's something more.  

Is it fear of someone leaking proof of the big lies they've been telling, about bin Laden and the War on Terror?  Details of their plans for taking full power over the world, or for a managed collapse of the world economy? Details of their plans for starting and winning World War III?  Or of horrible new weapons systems they've been developing in secret, to use against ... who?

All possibilities.  But here's another possibility:
Suppose some CIA agent - or some employee of a private contractor with access to CIA files - were thinking about blowing the whistle on the political leaders, politicians, military officers, journalists, religious and labor leaders around the globe who are on the CIA payroll?  The ones many people had always suspected but no one could prove it?  
Like maybe the ones who jumped to cooperate in turning back, grounding and searching the Bolivian Presidential Airplane, an utterly unprecedented act of international lawlessness? 

Obama and crew would no doubt consider that a threat to the Empire of the first order, a threat to their survival. That could detonate a popular rebellion in many of those countries, maybe a global popular rebellion.

That would b a threat to be deterred at any cost.
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