Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Syria War Powers Debate

This war powers debate again reveals the shredding of the left-right polarization of America as enshrined in the Democratic and Republican Parties.  There is a huge top-bottom divide that has not been captured or embraced by the Democrats, and a growing divide between supporters and opponents of the Empire that cuts right across party lines.  At moments like this we can see glimpses of a grand realignment of American politics, of the American people, struggling to be born, 

But to successfully stand up to the globalists and Empire Builders we will have to our minds from their manipulations - and War and Terror are their strongest cards.

-Q wrote "It takes a Democratic President to actually stand up for what our great country stands for giving the most vulnerable amongst us throughout the world a glimmer of hope......reagan/bush offered nothing but abandonment and death...."  

Stirring words, but the time is past for "... a glimmer of hope."  We can't live on glimmers.  And the last Democratic presidents who actually tried to go beyond that glimmer thing and challenge the empire builders, Kennedy and Carter, were destroyed for it.

What is keeping us divided and impotent is the control the spin-masters have over the words, ideas and facts we use.  This debate over Syria is a case in point.

There is strong evidence that the "rebels" had the means to carry out this gas attack and indeed have done it before.  Logically, the only reason anyone would do this now is to provoke a US attack.  Yet we let the likes of Kerry pronounce guilt on Assad and then debate what our response should be. 

If we let these warmongers and their shills define reality, if we limit our debate to the "facts" they feed us - such as this verdict against Syria - we will not be able to find solid ground on which to stand and we'll get swept into new disasters.  

To regain our place as a free and sovereign people we must free our minds and emotions from their control.
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