Monday, July 15, 2013

Two responses to Zimmerman verdict

From the London Daily Mail, May 11:

"'Abused' Florida wife sentenced to 20 YEARS for firing warning shot at husband after Stand Your Ground defence fails"

So much for the claim that the Zimmerman verdict and the Stand Your Ground law aren't about race!  Or do we really need a case where an armed "black" man stalks, attacks and shoots a "white" teenager to test the theory that this was about race? 

By the way, why was Marissa Alexander's case news in London but (according to Google News Search) nowhere in the US (except the alternative online press?)   Why not in the Telegram?  What's up with that?  Yoo-hoo!  Editors!?  


Truther, is there really something sinister about the reactions to the Zimmerman verdict?

Perhaps the trap in being a "truther" could be in thinking that because the Powers that Be are constantly trying to turn every situation to their advantage, because their hand is often invisible or disguised behind their ubiquitous propaganda, that every response from the people, as seen through the media, is somehow orchestrated by them.

It ain't so.

The reality is that often they are struggling to respond to the people's moves, trying to get out in front of the herd and turn it.

A dramatic example is what happened in Egypt.  Yes, the CIA and the State Department almost certainly were behind the military coup, and had their hand in the people's uprising there too.  Does that make the whole thing a plot?  Is there any way in Heck that they would have wanted 30 million Egyptians in the streets demanding the government resign - and organizing and talking with each other about what kind of Egypt they wanted?   Heck no!  They're just trying to salvage what for them is a nightmare scenario!  The reality is that now the common people are driving the agenda and they're flailing, trying to save their tootsies.

The response of millions of people to Trevon's murder and the Zimmerman verdict is huge, visceral, dangerous to the Powers that Be.  They'll try to spin it, turn it, make it a wedge issue, true.  You're right there.  But they certainly didn't cause it.  More of us should have been at this event yesterday.  I wish someone had called me to say "Hey brother, what you're doing tonight can wait, you got to get down there for this."  Because more of us there would have been a little step toward Worcester slipping beyond their control.

There's the real Truth.  Your 2000 Architects are a part of it.  But it's all around you.  It's all of us.  Well, 99.5% of us. Some get one piece now, some another, but we're all finding our way in, issue by issue, fight by fight, discovering each other, slowly building the will and solidarity to rescue our land from the usurpers.
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