Saturday, July 20, 2013

Iron in the oceans: why should we care?

To a poster to TruthDig article

Ocean Iron Study Means Climate Rethink

who complained that we have more urgent problems to worry about than how iron gets into the ocean and its effect on CO2 levels in the atmosphere:

Purple Crab, there's no sense arguing do this first or do that first.  We're fighting back on all fronts.  We - the people - don't really have the power to win pretty much any of these battles now, but our day will come if we keep on fighting.  

Imagine it's 2023.  A massive global uprising of the people of the world has been met by a global wave of repression, which failed when rank and file troops and junior officers in every land refused to fire on the crowds.  Power over the Earth has thus passed decisively into the hands of the common people, and we are faced with all the problems of organizing our self-governance, surviving the coming years, but also salvaging the Earth and redirecting our activities - the activities of maybe 10 billion people - to solving the problems of production and distribution of wealth in a truly sustainable way.

We will have inherited one heck of a mess, and we'll need all the information science can provide, especially stuff like this.  It's not going to be simple, and there will be no magic key.  So thank you Drs. Homsky and Mills and all your colleagues for your work, and thank you TruthDig for sharing it.
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