Friday, October 4, 2013

What do people do when there's no democracy?

The Senate Democrats' continuing resolution bill that would keep the Federal Government open already includes the next round of the Sequester, another outrageous 10% cut to practically anything in the Federal budget that's important or useful to regular people except for Social Security and Medicare. 

They did this without a fight. We let them do it with no resistance. Everyone's eyes were on Syria and the possibility of a major Middle East war, which suddenly went away. (Was it real? Did that really almost happen?)

The Republicans should have been have been crowing about their win on the Sequester - that's what they wanted, right? - but because they didn't have to fight for it, they just put it in their pockets and went on to the next thing. Now they're supposedly trying to repeal Obamacare, which they can't, and turning this into a national and world economic crisis. Why? 

Our great Democratic President now is calling for a new Grand Bargain negotiation, code for going after Social Security and Medicare, both of which the insurance companies are lusting over. 

We're told there's nothing we can do here in Massachusetts; this issue will be decided by 50 non-Tea-Party Republican Congressmen in places like Georgia, Tennessee and Idaho, by what will it take to split them from the Tea Partiers and give the Senate bill an up or down vote. 

That's 50 Congressmen we don't get to vote for and who don't give a hoot what we think or say. 

So that makes us spectators. Helpless victims. Again. This is democracy? 

Are we going to leave it at this? Are we just going to take it? What do people do when there's no democracy? 

Hadn't we better do something to send a warning to Barack's golfing buddies that the peasants are getting restless out here? 
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