Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter to a Patriot: New World Order

I found this - a real turning point:

China's NOT TALKING ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER YOU FEAR - THE NEW WORLD ORDER OF NSA SPYING, DETENTION CAMPS, BLACK HELICOPTERS AND BIG BROTHER.  That one is already here, organized and ready.  It's centered in Washington, New York, London and Zurich and has its tentacles all over the world.  It's in the process of shedding its disguises.  

The '"New World Order" China's calling for is a currency and economy that's beyond the control of the giant US, British and Swiss banks.  Calling on the rest of the world to escape of the rule of the Rockefellers and Mellons, Rothschilds and Morgans.  

It's really a call for an "Anti-New World Order"'  

China's calling for this now because a collapse of the dollar is inevitable - and close. Actually, it's already happening. 

It's been coming on for a long time, driven by the logic of greed that's built into the very heart and guts of our system. 

And it leaves us behind in "the belly of the beast", to survive, to break free from its power, to save ourselves, and perhaps to save the world from its death throes.

My prediction:  The False Patriots will try to conflate China's call for a New World Order with Big Brother, and will try to lead us back into line, unite against the foreign "threat" of China, Russia, Iran and Brazil - and against the internal "threats" of undocumented immigrants and unions.  

Maybe they'll have their pet terrorists fly some airplanes into skyscrapers to scare us back into line, or worse.

The True Patriots will be the ones who remember where our real enemy lies.  Here.  In America.  Not in the cities, the immigrant ghettos, the union halls and community groups, but at the top, in the Boardrooms of the Great Banks and Corporations.  

They understand in their guts that the true face of our enemy is not Republican or Democrat, black or immigrant, but Plutocrat - the rule of the rich and powerful. The billionaires that have no loyalty to any nation or people, who have far more in common with Saudi princes and Swiss bankers than with us. Who "play with us ... like we're their little toys." 

The True Patriots will be the ones who are organizing the people for survival and defense - all the regular people.  Know them by their instinct for unity and solidarity.  

The greatest fear of the False Patriots is that we won't believe their lies anymore. Know them by who they call traitors.  

A good touchstone: where do they stand on Edward Snowden?  If they call him a traitor, or even suggest he might be, get away from them!

The greatest weapon of the False Patriots is to get us fighting and hating each other.  Know them by who they call enemies.

A good touchstone: they may come from an anti-immigrant, anti-union tradition, but are they offering to lead us in battle against the immigrants and unions now? 

We see a lot of organized groups, good people pledging to stand together.  But the sad fact is that most of our people are not organized, and many of our groups are fighting each other.  

This is no time for spectators, no time for fighting over who will get which piece of the carcass.

Our real power lies in the unity and solidarity of all the regular people.  

We have a lot of work to do, a lot of learning and a lot of teaching.  

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