Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is our foreign policy problem due to Obama's weakness?

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Crisis makes US reliability questioned overseas

What? No mention in this article about Snowden and the NSA leaks, which are still coming in? Or the world's reaction when US allies blocked the Ecuadorian presidential airplane from landing to refuel (which it turns out nearly killed him), and the growing consensus in the world that this kind of kow-towing to the American bullies has to stop? 

Or the refusal of the President of Brazil to meet with Obama over NSA espionage? 

Or the fact that it was the British Parliament and the US Congress that stopped Obama's war on Syria, driven by popular demand? 

Or the fact that the dollar is a corpse on steroids and the BLS statistics have been exposed as lies covering up a collapsing economy? 

Or the fact that the Fed can't stop buying US bonds without setting off a panic? Or that they had to publicly admit in January or February that they couldn't deliver to Germany the gold they were supposedly holding for it - presumably because they don't really have it? 

Or that countries are already abandoning the dollar and starting to trade their own currencies for oil? That it isn't just our supposed enemies that are dumping the dollar as fast as they can? 

The article's message seems to be that the problem is US lack of will and resolve, that if only Obama would be stronger and more ruthless the US could regain its world leadership. In one way the reality is much more grim. The US economic and banking system and their attempt to rule the world has reached a natural limit and is collapsing from within. All these external events are a reflection of the countries of the world starting to react to that collapse. 

The bright side is that we have been given a precious moment when the people of our land could step in and take it back and reclaim our democracy, if we can stop fighting each other over phony manufactured issues and ideologies and start talking to each other more plainly about the real problems and needs that we are actually experiencing and dealing with. 

I've been wondering for going on six years now if the point of the world bankers (led by Goldman Sachs, his biggest early sponsor) in putting Obama in the Presidency was to put a "Democratic" label on the systemic collapse they knew was coming - a compliant "patsy" to take the blame when the music stops.  In Obama they have a polished pseudo-liberal with a deep family history of loyalty to the Security State, who talks like a socialist, confuses and divides the people of color who usually form the base of resistance movements, and who makes a good foil and hate object for the right-wing populist movement they are promoting.

Now that the collapse is starting to unfold, we may be seeing a lot more on this theme that Obama's weakness is the cause of it.

They have long memories, family memories, these rulers of ours.  They've never forgotten how the whole nation blamed and hated their man Herbert Hoover for the collapse of 1929 and the Great Depression, when the truth is that he neither caused nor could have stopped it.  If he had major blind spots they were those of everyone in his circles, including early on Franklin Roosevelt.  

Like them I have come to see the President as a leader with limited power.  I've seen the power-brokers trigger a collapse to get rid of a troublesome President (Carter.)  I don't believe they could cause or cure this "general crisis of capitalism" that we're facing.  But I've watched them do all they can - since my days as an economics student in the early '60's - to avert or postpone the next depression, and now to deny that it's happening.  

And now they've laid their plans and preparations for the unthinkable but inevitable as best they can, I find myself wondering if they've also picked the time for the meltdown and are deliberately trying to trigger it.

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