Friday, October 5, 2012

What do we do if Romney steals the election?

The next great wave of popular outrage may be over a stolen election. 

Whatever we may think about Obama, he remains extremely popular among people of color and much of Labor.  Romney's popular fortunes are declining, and by Nov. 5 it may be clear that Obama has won in the court of popular opinion.  It is a near certainty that election day will be chaos as millions discover they've been purged, millions confused by misinformation and millions unable to get into inadequate or non-functional polling places.  

One scenario is that while most people believe Obama should have won, Romney is declared the winner - and Obama fairly quickly concedes.  Without an organized response, the ghettos erupt, followed by a carefully prepared and murderous wave of mass repression. 

Another Scenario:  Obama wins.  We have reports from all over the country of plans by militias and even local Republican organizations for an armed revolt in that case.

How can we organize a response to any possible outcome of the election, when we don't know what will happen?  If we wait long enough to find out it may well be too late to get ahead of the curve.  

The Liberty Tree Foundation, in an email received on Tuesday, reported that they will "... again be putting out the call for nationwide Voter Assemblies on November 7th (the day after the election) - gatherings that will serve as instant organizing platforms if there is evidence that the fall election was stolen."  

Looks like a plan to me.  What do you think?
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