Friday, October 5, 2012

Warren's Native Heritage - why is it an issue?

So what's behind Brown's attack on Elizabeth Warren for claiming Native American ancestry? Why would it matter to anyone? My family story, like half the folks I know, includes some Native ancestry. I don't care very much if it's true. It's my family story. So what? Should we keep it a secret in case we might run for public office someday?

No, this is not about Warren's heritage. Brown is crudely playing on our anger at all those "other people" who've taken advantage of the system to jump ahead of us in line. Every time we check that box in an application form for "White" or "Caucasian" we've been conditioned to feel that somehow we're being deprived of an advantage. I know it's a crock, but I can't help feeling it too. Now Brown is telling us Warren is one of the line-jumpers who's robbing us of our due!

But our problem is not the few Black or Latino folks who may have jumped ahead of us on the line. Does any paleskin here really believe you'd have an easier life with a darker skin? Seriously?

The problem is that it's so darn hard for any of us to get and keep a really good job, to pay for college for our kids, to keep up with the mortgage and loan payments. It's so hard even if you or your kid manage to finish college, and then if you lose your grip on the ladder it's so hard and humiliating to get the help you need to survive and get back on your feet.

It's a rigged game, and it's only getting worse.

Some of us are too proud to ask for help. By the time we do, we've already made a mistake that disqualifies us. Then we're egged on to blame the ones who asked for help and got it!

Or just blame Elizabeth Warren! She's rich, she's famous, she's happy and successful, her father was a janitor, so she must have cheated or done something vile to get where we should be!

Is this the best Brown has to offer us? Is that what our choice of Senator should be about?

Or should it be about who will best help and support us in making the game fairer? 

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