Friday, October 5, 2012

Lizzie, take the gloves off! Oct. 2

Lizzie is still not taking the gloves off! I hope she’s just playing rope-a-dope and is going to come out swinging in the third round.

When Scottie says he’s so “bipartisan” for voting for the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill in 2010, she needs to go after him for stalling passage in order to loosen the regulations on some financial corporations and make it easier for banks to engage in high-risk investing.

She needs to go after Brown for his own work history. Demand a list of all his legal clients. Make it “I’ll show mine if you show yours, or shut up about it.” His list won’t look pretty.

Warren should ask about is work for Fidelity National and First American, giant title insurance/mortgage servicing companies in the country, whose subsidiaries Lender Processing Services (LPS) and DocX LLC, which were at the heart of the mortgage fraud and robosigning scandals. She should ask him if he knew that he was getting folks to sign documents were being falsified wholesale, mishandled and fraudulently signed by clerks. After his attack on her for representing a mining company, that’s fair game. Did he make a lot of money on loans he must have known were designed to fail? (See:  

Mortgage companies were routinely getting people to sign documents they may not have understood, with surprise fees and balloon payments, and rush them past the parts they thought they’d read that had been added or changed. Warren should ask him: did he knowingly do those things? How many of the loans he processed ended up in foreclosure? Did he use his clean-cut nice-guy image to suck them in?

When Scottie talks about character, she needs to keep coming back to these issues. These are questions of character!

Lizzie, we need a leader. Take the gloves off! 
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