Sunday, December 2, 2012

Warren's post-election campaign

Susan77 wrote "Someone needs to tell her and Obama the election is over - they can stop campaigning. Act like grownups and get to work in Washington ..." 

Actually that's a major part of what is wrong with Congress. I'd fault the Dems for this as much as the Republicans. Real politics only usually happens in this country during election season. People come together and organize to elect a candidate, but the organization is there for the candidate. The donor, voter and activist lists belong to the candidate, and win or lose they get put away in a file cabinet until the next election season. 

We need Senators who will support people in organizing and staying organized around our issues, who will encourage us to keep holding them accountable, and who keep coming back from Washington to get out to our meetings and events, to hear us out, tell us what they've learned and rally us to put more pressure on. A politics that doesn't belong to the candidate or even to the party, and that never stops. 

No matter who we elect, anything else soon becomes one flavor or another of business as usual. 

I thought Warren's speech yesterday was very encouraging from that perspective. She's making herself super available, and coming to the people for give and take of ideas. I hope she keeps it up. 

As for calling her a Marxist, just what does that mean? She bluntly said that the wealthy are going to have to pay up. A good majority of the American people agree with her - are they all Marxists? The billionaires, great banks and corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars and are just speculating with them, when we clearly need that money to be spent on putting people back to work. Efforts to bribe them into investing it productively haven't worked. These are just facts, and calling people names for saying so doesn't change them.

I hope that some of the folks on this list will give Senator Warren the benefit of the doubt for a while and watch with an open mind. 
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