Saturday, November 10, 2012

Message from God? Might as well be!

What about Climate Change? Mayor Blumberg just endorsed Obama, citing climate change as a main reason and citing his moves on car efficiency and alternative energy, and Obama makes brief comments about it in campaign speeches, but in three debates neither candidate even mentioned it! 

For those who think that the Good Lord wouldn't let us destroy our planet, consider this: 

Right before a critical election, with one of the candidates aligned with the "climate change deniers" and huge donations from the oil and coal industries in play, the largest and most powerful North Atlantic storm ever recorded comes cruising along our coast, makes a sharp left turn at full moon, sends the powerful north wall of the eye of the huricaine smashing straight into New York Harbor and swamps the city. 

If you're into looking for messages from the Almighty, how about that one? 

It was enough to get Mayor Blumberg to speak out. How about Obama and Romney? 

Let's hear it guys! 
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