Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Worcester Assembly

Reply to the negative and nasty comments in the T&G:

Most of the arguments here are about theory and stereotypes - about how things should work and why people cause their own problems by ignoring this and what sort of people are doing that and then whining about the results. The people at City Hall yesterday came from all walks of life and many were people who had worked hard for a lifetime or were still working. Their conversation was about what's really going on and what we know about it and what we can do about it.

For more about that reality, see the front page story today about how family incomes are going down twice as fast in the last two years "since the recession ended" as "during the recession". That's reality and your theories won't fix it. Our political parties and most of our politicians either ignore us or can't do anything, our banks are acting like a Mafia and our wars are out of control, and the economy bad as it is will probably get much worse. Arguing about Obama is irrelevant; he's all words but doesn't seem to be able to do anything.

Instead of bellyaching, come join in. You won't be able to dominate discussions with your theories, so try checking them at the park entrance. You'll get the same 1-min turn as the others. So come to listen, share, reflect, join with the Libertarians, Progressives, Republicans, Democrats, Anarchists, Socialists, Independents and "Apathists" - who are all checking their theories at the door too - and join in thinking about how to find a new way forward. There's hardly anyone on this list who's part of the "1%" that's getting s*****d, and we're all caught up in the same disaster.

What's there for us is learning how to really talk to each other and really listen, much like our forebearers did in the Summer of 1774.
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