Friday, July 16, 2010

Com to McGovern's Campaign Breakfast! Sat, 10, Coral Seafood!

10-11:30 at Coral Seafood. Come and help get the grass roots campaign to re-elect Jim off the ground.

Jim, who is on the Board of Trustees of Progressive Democrats of America, is one of the Representatives we can least afford to lose - for our District and for the working people of America. He has been a leader on ending the warsIraq and Afghanistan, on corporate responsibility and on the rights of working people. He is now one of the leaders in the fight to keep the extended unemployment benefits in place. As Vice-Chair of the Committee on Rules and Chair of the Subcommittee on Rules and the Organization of the House, he has risen to a level of influence, in the Congress, from which position he has been able to be of great service to our District.

I know many of us think that Jim is so well liked and respected in our District - and the would-be Republican challengers apparently such light-weights - that he is not in any real danger, but I think it would be a big mistake to take this race for granted.

First, this is likely to be a very bad election year for Democrats, with many disappointed and increasingly angry and desperate voters who usually support us staying home or coming out to "send a message to the Democrats" or to "throw all the bums out." I heard a lot of voters in January say that for them the election was a referendum on Obama and Patrick more than it was about Coakley or Brown. This election will I fear be the same, but more so.

Second, with blood still in the water from January, the State is going to be flooded with corporate and right-wing National Republican money, and high-powered operatives playing by the Karl Rove play-book. We had our first taste of this in the Coakley/Brown race, but most of us here in the Bay State are still quite unprepared for it.

And finally, Jim's leadership, especially on ending the wars, has made him a special target of that right wing - as evidenced by the fact that he often shows up on the hate lists of right-wing bloggers.

When we have someone this good on our issues, someone we have supported and who has stood by us for fourteen years, we have to fight to keep them. We simply can't afford to risk losing Jim -and we need to use the opportunity of this campaign to get our own neighborhoods and our own neighbors organized to turn out the vote and keep him in office.

Plus, we need to be building our neighborhood bases for battles to come.

So come on out to the Campaign Breakfast and let's start the process of organizing and doing it.
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