Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wrong Lesson from Brown Campaign

Posted to T&G 1/26 re article Pres offers Discretionary Spending Cap:

This is what I feared. We elected Scott Brown to the Senate to send Washington a message - and they got exactly the wrong message!

Hundreds of thousands of Democrats and Independents voted for Brown because they were so angry, because Obama hasn't kept the promises he made and has shown no stomach for really fighting for them. So what does he do? He gives up the fight and goes groveling to the Republicans begging them to help him give away the store!

Some other posters have pointed to the places where the cuts need to be made: ending three unnecessary wars and bringing home the troops we have stationed in 140 countries (what insanity!); eliminating the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy; and capping the bailouts. The "discretionary spending" Obama's talking about capping is peanuts compared to those, but it's not peanuts to the people who depend on or benefit from those programs!

And cutting Medicare and Social Security will not only cause a lot of misery, it will help to further drive the economy into the tank!

So Dear President Obama, grow a backbone while you still can!
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