Monday, April 13, 2009

Major News Blackout

Check out this story on Alternet if you haven’t seen it yet:

Is Geithner's Game Up? Damning Report Calls BS on His Smoke-and-Mirrors Bank Rescue Plan
By Mike Whitney, CounterPunch. Posted April 13, 2009
Is this a Big Story? Or What?

This is Huge!

This cuts right to the bone on the question of whether we have a government that will be on our side, or whether it will sell us down the river into real serfdom!

So did our media give it the play it deserved?

NO! For the most part our lickspittle mass media IGNORED this story!

*Look* at the results I got from searching for it over the past week on Yahoo News and Google News, searching on various keywords:

Wire Services:
Reuters covered this story;
AP, UPI, Bloomburg, AFP, and Alertnet did NOT!

Fox News, CNN Money and ABC News reported this story;
CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN (regular news), PBS, NPR and the BBC apparently did NOT!

National newspapers:
The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal reported this story. (The WSJ only reported it yesterday.)
USA Today, the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times and the Washington Times apparently did NOT!

Some regional newspapers:
The Boston Globe covered the story;
the Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Atlanta Constitution, San Francisco Chronicle, St.Louis Post Dispatch, Denver Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencier apparently did NOT report it!

Some local newspapers:
The Charlotte Observer reported this story.
The Baltimore Sun, Worcester Telegram-Gazette, Little Rock Democrat Gazette, Jackson Clarion Ledger, Springfield Republican, and the Little Rock Democrat Gazette apparently did NOT!

The New York Post and the Boston Herald reported this story.
The New York Daily News, Newsday and the Chicago Sun Times apparently did NOT.

ISP Services:
Yahoo News reported it, three times.
msn/msnbc did NOT.

Alternative Media:
Alternet reported this story today.
Surprisingly, the Huffington Post, TruthDig and CommonDreams have NOT! (I’m not sure I understand this part of the picture!)

All of these sources get Reuters wire, and they all monitor Yahoo news, so either they didn't consider the report of the Congressional Panel established six months ago to oversee the use of nearly $1 Trillion of our money to be important, or they killed the story!

Outraged? You should be!

Surprised? You shouldn't be! This is their standard MO!

So it's up to us to get this story out!

Perhaps anticipating this treatment from the Mainstream Media, Elizabeth Warren, the chair of the Congessional Oversight Panel and one of the country’s top bankruptcy lawyers, also released an 8-minute report on Youtube! (
Check it out! She uses very diplomatic language, but her message is clear to a careful listener.

Then forward this story and the Youtube link to your friends and relations, and any lists you’re on, and ask them to pass it on! Be sure to include your Representative and Senators!

Then write your local paper, TV station and NPR outlet and give them Hell for killing this story!

Then Organize!

News to the People!
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